Camp out for hunger 2013

Hi I am Rachel, an ad major interning at the Preston and Steve Show for 93.3 WMMR. The past week Preston and Steve held their biggest charity event called Camp Out for Hunger. This year it was held at a new location, Xfinity Live! This year they collected 772,461 pounds of food (over 386 tons) to donate to Philabundance. They also raised over $241,371.43 in donations. Everyone was helping out, whether it was one canned good, a truck load of food, or a child emptying out their piggy bank (it was so cute). This was a great cause and many people famous or not helped contribute to it. It’s important to remember when carrying on in a career that no one owes you anything, if you have a degree or not. Be thankful for what you have (there are people much less fortunate than you). But it is also important to take care of yourself and others. This event really taught these things, showing how everyone can come together to pull off something spectacular.

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