With the cannabis industry growing quickly, and it recently becoming medically legal in Pennsylvania, there is a new opportunity that entrepreneurs can take advantage of. And that is exactly what Claudia Post and Jonathon Monk did. Smokin’ Hot Solutions was created several years ago by entrepreneur Post and then recent Temple graduate Monk. They recognized that when cannabis companies were looking for marketing agencies there was a lull period while the agency oriented themselves with the rules and regulations of the marijuana world. Smokin’ Hot specializes in this line of work, completely eliminating the lull period allowing for work to get done quicker and more efficiently.

Upon starting to intern with them I have learned a great deal about the cannabis industry. Prior to my first day, I was completely clueless about weed. I knew that it was controversial and that it is now legal in PA and that was it. But since writing blogs for both their marketing site and their headshop, I have learned how to gender a weed plant, how to properly clean glass, the general health benefits of weed, the various dispensaries coming to PA and Philly, the process of receiving a medical marijuana card, and much more. I was shocked to find out that a cannabis marketing agency was even a thing. I think they capitalized on a very niche area and since it is only growing they are only going to get larger.