Cats and Kittens and …Gigantic Lizards? Oh My.

Also I would like to plug that it is kitten season at the shelter with the influx of kittens being born this time of year and they are always looking for new foster parents since they are at full capacity. I myself became one and it was a great experience. For more information visit

My name is Nicole and I’ve been interning at the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia now for over two months. I took on this internship as a way for me to both fulfill the advertising requirements and help out an organization that I both care a lot about and needs the extra set of hands. My first day was nothing short of overwhelming. However, my actual first day I hadn’t even made it to the shelter- not fully aware of the exact part of Philadelphia the shelter was I began riding my bike into the depths of North Philadelphia. I got lost and hollered at a few times and eventually let my nerves get the best of me and turned around and started back home. However, the next day I had made it safely in my car, rejuvenated with a whole new excitement for what I would begin. I was shown around the shelter while bunches of volunteers and employees rushed by in some sort of frenzy/determination- I thought it was specific to the day, however I soon figured out that the commotion happened everyday, it was simply how the shelter operated. I was shown around the endless hallways and doorways, each one containing a new surprise. I learned that the Animal Control Center not only keeps cats and dogs, but also wildlife and even a few reptiles- just the other day I walked into the shelter and the first thing I saw was a gigantic lizard plopped onto the counter of the help desk. I obviously learned that things like this were simply normal around there. So, my first day and three kittens a few example flyers and 30 minutes later, I was on my way home wondering what had just happened. Since I began going in the the shelter more and more, I began getting used to having dogs walk around my feet as I did my work, along with a few howling cats. It definitely wasn’t your run of the mill office space, in fact I just posted up wherever I could be most out of the way. What the shelter needed most were flyers for their upcoming events-doused with cute pictures of cats, kittens and all kind of dogs. My job was to make them appealing, attractive and amusing. I wasn’t sure going into it how much design help they would actually need at an animal shelter, but apparently they had plenty of need for a designer. Each week I would be assigned at least two different flyers to make along with something extra for the shelter. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help them out and hope that somehow, it will make a difference.

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  1. I would love to continue to hear about your work at ACCT. They are an organization that is near and dear to me as well!

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