Cervical Cancer: Eau De Parfum

"Maybe it's unfair to get your attention this way."


“Maybe it’s unfair to get your attention this way.”

Using someone “beautiful” to draw attention to something “ugly” is an appeal to unrealistic expectations. Usually, ads urge viewers to mimic the models. What’s not fair about having a model that mimics the viewer? It’s too realistic.  Oh the hypocrisy…


  1. Very attention-getting as it of course is so unexpected. Appeals most to young women, fashionistas, etc., who may be thinking more about their next Prada bag and not about their health checks…so this is really quite clever. I imagine this is just a “spoof” and was not actually aired, correct, Anthony?

  2. I saw it about 3 times on CW. Of all the broadcast channels, CW is most appropriate for an ad like this. It has been pushing its “richsploitation” programming ever since it re-branded itself from UPN.

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