I’m Julianna Fosco, a rising senior with a double major in advertising and media production. This summer, I had the opportunity to work for FCB CURE as a copywriting intern. 

I was first introduced to the FCB Health Network by a Temple Alumnus, whom I met during my class portfolio review. Primarily focusing on wellness and a creative edge, FCB Health has been awarded “Network of the Year 2021” by Cannes Lions, Med Ad News, and Clio Health in 2021. My role as a copywriting intern was described as someone who: “Strives for the insight that connects people to a product. Creates work across every platform, including print, TV, digital, and social. Tells stories through compelling work that thrives beyond the campaign itself.” The program also states that their end goal is to, “Create work that saves lives” and their motto is that “Challenges fuel our creativity.”

This internship has taught me what working in a real agency environment looks like. I’ve always been interested in working with more than one client, so I was excited to get that experience. My internship has also taught me that copywriting for pharmaceutical/healthcare agencies can be a lot different than the usual copywriting work. I’m always glad to challenge myself and diversify my writing skills.

In addition to copywriting, I was able to design my team’s logo and a few assets for our campaign; I really enjoyed doing that. I’d definitely love to learn more about the art direction side of things in the future. I also found that FCB mostly hires vendors and third party companies to produce commercials, and I’m very interested in that industry as well.

I met a lot of people who have similar hobbies and interests as I do, and it was cool to learn that like-minded people work at the agency. I was also very impressed to learn how well FCB employees are treated by the company, especially through the financial challenges the pandemic has brought. 

I was able to gain a few mentors (some officially and some unofficially) who inspired me to keep pursuing my passions and creative goals. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to receive that from my internship, so I feel very grateful for their guidance and advice. I originally thought that I was only an FCB CURE intern, but during my first day I realized that I was an intern within the entire network. This came as a huge surprise to me. I was also unaware that I would be building a campaign with other interns across the entire network. I think it has been extremely valuable to connect with people in the industry and across a number of different agencies.

I also discovered that I much prefer working on unbranded campaigns (public service ads, charities, foundations, etc.). I find them very fulfilling, and have since been interested in working for a non-profit industry. In the future, I would like to continue to diversify my advertising experience through different types of agencies. I also feel inspired to focus more on my work in production. I am very grateful for my experience at FCB CURE, and I’m ready for my next challenge.