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Hey, my name is Julie Kovaleski and I am currently a senior at Temple and a social media intern at Chatterblast Media. ChatterBlast is located on 13th and Samson in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. I have been working with this small online strategy and social media marketing company to help maintain their clients social media presence. It might sounds like a dream job if you love Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, WordPress, or any other social media program. However, I have learned a tremendous amount of the more technical side of social media. Many of us use social media everyday but brands who these same sites need to use them much differently.

While interning at Chatterblast I have been able to study social media trends with programs such as Spreadfast, Hootsuite, Statigram, and Radian6. We use theses programs to see what works and what doesn’t for our clients. We also have weekly brainstorming meeting where we see what other brands are doing in the online space. The phrase “one size fits all,” does not apply in social media. If one campaign worked great for an automotive brand on Instagram it might not have the same results for a food brand on Pinterest. I have learned a great deal about social media, but more importantly, I have learned how to analyze content to see how it engages users, how they responded, and often where users found the content in the first place.

If social media is used well it often has a domino effect. That is by far the most exciting thing about working in social media and the online space. Seeing users engage with posts in real time and seeing the numbers climb quickly in front of your very eyes is exciting; especially when it’s mostly positive feedback. It’s almost like playing a game.

Interning in a place like ChatterBlast has shown me how much I would love to work in a social media, digital, or analytic department after graduation. I am technically a copywriting major, and have written a ton of copy for social media, but I believe that social media (and the online space) will be one of the most used mediums in the near future. This internship has shown me how quickly it changes and how much I can’t wait to be a part of it.


  1. Hi Julie! Your post on your internship has made me realize the social media spectrum is quite bigger than the average person would know! Your advice on the fact that “one size fits all” does not apply to social media is a great point for you to hit as we see in the news today how companies succeed and fail in the online space. At my internship now, I use social media for our company. Out of the programs you listed, I’ve only used HootSuite, which shows me how great of an idea it is to get into a small online strategy and social media marketing company if I plan on pursuing a career in that field. There’s so much more to learn!

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