Hello everyone! My name is Margo Gokhman and I am a current senior majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Media Planning. This semester I had a wonderful opportunity to intern at Harmelin Media and I am so grateful for it. But I’d like to talk less about me and instead focus on YOU, and start a conversation about where do YOU want to be and what kind of role do YOU see yourself in.

I know for a fact that a lot of people stress the idea of impressing their potential boss during the internship interview way too much. I believe interview process is equally important for them to see if you are a good fit and for YOU to understand if the company’s culture would a right fit for you. Instead of trying to please the employer as much as you can, you should just be yourself and really try to get a sense of what kind of company it is and what kind of people work there. Do you think you would be a great fit? Congratulations, a great boss will recognize that too and you’ll be hired (hopefully).

Think about all possible aspects that could influence your decision of “liking” to work there and analyze it to the smallest details. Think about commute time, office culture, other employees, potential tasks that you’ll be doing and so on. During the interview you’ll have an amazing chance to ask questions (please, please use it) which will help you figure out if the position and place feels right.

However, it is completely normal and only natural that sometimes you might not know exactly what you want. Thankfully, college is a perfect time and place to try and find these answers for yourself, but you have to keep trying. Speak with your classmates, professor, read other students’ blogs, take different classes – all of these are crucial steps in your journey of self-exploration. The same idea works when you apply for internships, diversify your options and go to those interviews asking questions that will only benefit YOU at the very end.

All of these things may seem too “simple” or “obvious” to some, but I cannot stress enough the idea that it’s all about you. You may get a position at the most well-known agency in the entire country, but if the office culture of company itself doesn’t feel right there is no amount of money or bragging rights that will truly make you happy. College is an extremely stressful time, especially when you’re looking for internships or getting closer yo your graduation date and looking for potential jobs. In such hectic time students may forget that ultimately, this whole college experience should be leading them to do what they love (or like very very much at least) and instead spend all their time not being themselves.

Don’t do that, please. It is all about you.