The past three years, I have lived in the city while attending Temple University. I have gone into center city so many times to shop, go to concerts, go out to eat, etc; however, it wasn’t until my internship at LevLane that I started to really appreciate the beauty that the city of Philadelphia holds.

Walking off of the subway everyday into City Hall and Dilworth Park is something that I have gotten used to along with the hundreds of other people making their daily work commutes. I actually have had the time to take a look around and really appreciate the architecture, the art, and the local life that Center City has to offer. I get to see advertisements that LevLane creates and appreciate that I am a part of the process, and walk into the Wanamaker building feeling as if I have more of a role in the city than I did before.

Working at LevLane has not only helped my love for advertising grow larger, but also my love for this city. Coming from the suburbs, I knew attending a university in the city would be a new and exciting experience; but I am proud to say that working in the city has only expanded my appreciation for Philadelphia.

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