Colgate Super Bowl Ad Reaction Piece

Colgate's first Super Bowl ad chooses a 'life lesson' approach....

Colgate ran their first ever Super Bowl commercial this year. Not only was this big news in the ad industry, but so was the fact that they used their ad space to promote saving water. I was surprised that Colgate chose this “life lesson” approach, along with Budweiser’s Helen Mirren commercial. Colgate definitely used the event’s large audience to create buzz about their commercial, and how they used the time to bring attention to a cause and not necessarily their product.

I think Colgate was successful if their intention was to create buzz. Personally, this commercial doesn’t make me prefer Colgate over some other toothpaste brand because it’s not as if buying their product gives money to clean drinking water in third world countries. (If that were part of the commercial, then it would make me want to buy their product). However, by creating this buzz about their brand, it might put the idea in consumers’ minds that their brand supports these types of causes and that could make people feel more connected to their brand.

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