Coming to an End


Hey Guys!!

Can you believe it is already August 1st?! Sheesh, where has the summer gone? I am more than ready for this summer to be over because this will be my final semester EVER of college! Bring it on, real world!

As I reach my final days at Phillybass’d Entertainment, I take a look back on my summer and evaluate what it is that I have learned the most, and that has been that I am horrible at blogging. Not that my blogs are horrible, but my time management and getting them in on time are. The toughest task I have faced this summer is getting my weekly blogs in on time. As the summer went one I started to manage my time better with getting my posts in, but man, was it rough during the first few weeks.

Time is the most valuable thing any of us own, so learning to manage it is very important. This has been the biggest lesson I have learned during my time here at PBE. In my next and FINAL semester this lesson of time management will come in handy because of the curriculum I face. I am taking all advertising classes that will be the most rewarding yet, so I will have to make sure I am on top of my projects and leave nothing to waste side. As a student in the Art Direction track, when I get out into the big, bad world all on my own, my portfolio may get me the job, but its my time management skills that will allow me to excel and keep my job. The Art Direction is something I am very passionate about so I need to make sure I do everything possible to succeed.

So to help me manage my time, I have started making lists. Each morning I wake up and make a list of what it is I need to do that day. I set reminders on my phones now so that when important things escape from my mind, I am easily reminded of what it is I need to do. This has helped me manage my time better and is something I will keep doing for the rest of my life.

I want to thank Phillybass’d Entertainment for the opportunity to work within their company and help me pick up skills needed to survive out in the real world.

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