Communication is Key

My internship at the Brownstein Group has taught me many things about the advertising industry.  First hand experience teaches you things a classroom cannot.  Working with real clients with people who are passionate about what they do has assured me I made the right decision in choosing advertising as a major.

The one most important things I have learned at Brownstein is how essential communication is not only with clients, but within the agency as well.  Throughout the day, I receive emails from various departments at Brownstein regarding clients, meetings, or even an article someone found about the industry.  Without communication being so readily available, it would be hard for many agencies to function in today’s world of ever-growing technology, especially bigger agencies.

In order to effectively communicate, I learned how important it is to form relationships with coworkers.  At Brownstein, it is clear that not only do the people in different departments respect one another; they have fun doing their jobs together.  This sort of environment not only allows for a more functional agency, but it creates a comfortable environment where new ideas are constantly generated.

Carly Ambrose

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