Company Culture

Just Born candy company has a contagious upbeat attitude just like their products !

My team of students who I am mentoring is working with Just Born. Upon my first five minutes there I took note of their contagious company personality – they’re exactly what you would expect of a candy company. The employees are pleasant, upbeat, innovative and helpful, to name a few. Company culture is one of the top 3 things that I take into play when choosing a job/internship; are the employees happy to be there? If I get the feeling that there’s a negative vibe I will immediately not consider. No amount of money is worth disliking my job.

That being said, as I seek employment opportunities I first plan to write out what I want in a company. Then, as I interview I will review that list and note what the company satisfies on the list.

(photo above was staged and taken by my students)

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  1. I can’t stress this enough! I think company culture is one of the most important things to look for when job hunting. Nowadays, I feel as if people are just so desperate for a job that they don’t even bat an eye at the company culture presented by a company. What’s their role in fulfilling social corporate responsibility? What do they do to build company morale? Does their company morale match yours? Of course, location, pay, and job progression is important when looking for your new home of employment. But you should always consider how the company works together and if they company culture fulfills your standards.

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