Confidence is Key!

For this blog post, I want to talk about how my Marketing internship at JahRock’n Productions has made me feel more confident in pursuing a career in Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

Interning at JahRock’n Productions has been a very rewarding experience thus far.  Based on the work and my job duties at this internship, it really assured me that going into Sports and Entertainment marketing is what I really want to do.

Here are some of the reasons why my internship at JahRock’n has helped me:

  1. During the internship,  I used Social Networking Sites as a research and promotional tool. I loved this job because I was already a heavy Twitter and Facebook user. I just find fun in posting cool information and persuading people to think certain ways or do certain things, especially when it’s something I am passionate about, in this case, it is music.
  2. During the internship, I assisted music artists with their autograph and CD signings after the shows. I like this because I like to be in the “in” of things. I like to be part of the main events and the main attractions so being able to sit with and help the artists as they take picture with fans, sign autographs, etc  was something that I thought was cool. I hope that if I do get to work in the music industry doing Marketing/Advertising, I’ll get to work closely with the artists as well.
  3. During the internship, I had to keep up to date with the latest industry news. Although I dislike watching and reading the news, I enjoyed keeping up to date with the industry news because it was something that I have a passion for. I found a lot of interesting and cool stories on things that were going on in the industry and I enjoyed reading up on the latest news and staying up to date.
  4. Because I was working for JahRock’n, I got free access and backstage access to some of the events. That was cool too. I like seeing what went on before, during, and after artists put on shows.

Pretty much every aspect of this internship was great and it made me excited for my future career in Sports and Entertainment Marketing. I feel confident that is the field I want to get into.  I believe in doing what you love; and I definitely loved what I have been doing at JahRock’n!

-Shani Cassells

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