Connecting Through Cannabis

I was apprehensive about working for Smokin' Hot Solutions because I knew nothing about the medical benefits of cannabis.

I was a bit naïve about the cannabis industry before interning with Smokin’ Hot Solutions. As a cannabis marketing agency. I was apprehensive about working for them because I knew nothing. It has been a bit of a learning curve. There has been as much research involved as there has been actually writing for them. I don’t mind it though. I appreciate learning new things.

I think the most amazing thing I have learned though, is the people that use this to help their medical needs. Nearly every week Smokin’ Hot hosts an event in various location around Philadelphia that helps people sign up for their medical marijuana card. It helps gets our brand out as well as help the community get a head start on their cards before the dispensaries come to Philly.

I’ve met so many people and heard so many stories. I never tried to be the person to stereotype people that smoke. But, sometimes it’s hard not to, especially knowing people in my personal life that fall into the stereotype. These people, on the other hand, have real stories. PTSD, seizures, depression, anxiety, and many other things that keep these people from living their lives normally. They use cannabis as a means to help them function and get their life back to the way it was. And here I am helping them get to that point. It is a really good feeling.

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  1. Cannabis is truly a medicine for those with the unfortunate conditions you described. I’m sure you have networked with many people in this important industry and it makes this experience very meaningful for your career. The stigma that has been created about cannabis will eventually be less prominent in our society due to companies like Smokin’ Hot Solutions. It’s amazing that you are in an internship that allows you to make a difference for these people and the cannabis community in general. I hope you continue to have a great experience here!

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