Thus far my Internship with “Community Bikes and Boards” has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience to say the least. I have learned a good deal about what quality advertising can result in as well as how to create a quick “rush job” for on the spot advertising. When I say “rush job” I am referring to an instance when we had that quick, sudden, but small earthquake that occurred in Philadelphia this past year. My Boss asked me to come up with a quick idea for a sale so I created a 35% off all bikes purchased in the next day for all the “I survived the Philly Earthquake sale!” ┬áIt was fun and creative advertising jobs like this that made the job more fun. This job has helped me realize that if I do indeed pursue a job with an advertising firm I would really enjoy being a copywriter because I feel that I can come up with quick and effective catchy copy. I have learned that I am better with words then I am imagery. The person who has inspired me the most during this Internship is my boss. He has become a close friend of mine but I respect him the most because he had a dream and now does what he loves to do and that is to own his own bike/board shop. When he is not selling his equipment he is using it on the slopes and around Philadelphia. I have been to a few promotional events where I got to ride his bikes and wear his apparel to advertise to the general public and I had a great time doing it.