Control room tour at NBC

Starting an internship at NBC was an exciting issue for me. As the supervisors

introduced themselves to over 40 interns for the fall semester, everyone was

excited to work in their separate department. I have interned for marketing

positions and web designing positions so media related internship was quite

new subject for me. Rather than learning more on the advertising aspects,

I learned lot about the large organization system, and how it operates

connected to the advertisement between TV shows.

After I am finished with my daily tasks, which mostly deals with uploading

TV sections, I can look around the building or learn different materials or

information in different departments. This day, I was able to get into the control room, where the  producer

controlled the live shows or news right in hand. On one side, advertisements were running where main station

of the company organizes and runs on air. Not only in TV, but through morning shows or news, the company

has meetings or cross promotions with local residents or businesses for awareness and benefits.


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