Crazy Steve’s

Hi everyone,

My name is Keisha and I am currently doing a graphic design internship at Crazy Steve’s Concoctions, LLC.  I know, I know.  The title is kind of crazy right? Well that’s what I love about it.  It’s not your typical advertising internship.  It’s different, challenging and fun.  So far, I am having a great time.

So basically what Crazy Steve’s concoctions is, is a pickle company essentially.  His family owns a very large cucumber farm and what he does is make pickles.  But not just the regular pickles that you and I are use to.  No, he makes crazy concoctions.  Hence the name, Crazy Steve’s Concoctions.  His best seller is Pickles and Salsa.  It sounds gross I know.  But surprisingly it’s kind of good!  He sells his products to stores like Whole Foods.

My role in this company, although small, is to assist the CEO, Steve Zielinski, with label designs that will go on the jars for his products, collaborate with other employees on concepts for his campaign of “One Jar, One Meal, One Solution,” design a logo for this particular campaign, design fabric prints that could be used for apparel, and work on an ad campaign for the company’s slogan, “What’s in your fridge?”  So far I am just working on the label layouts and trying to figure out a fun and creative way to catch his consumer’s attention. After I send Steve my samples, he will go over them with his graphic design team and if approved they will go ahead and put them on the jars.  I’m really excited about this because it will give my work a chance to be seen my all his customers. But I’m also very nervous because I want it to be really good so that everyone will like it and he will get good feedback from everyone.

So the interesting thing about this internship is the fact that it’s all the way out near Trenton, New Jersey.  I currently commute to Temple from West Chester, Pa. And if any of you know where West Chester is, you know that its a pretty far commute.  So to commute to Trenton, NJ from West Chester, PA is not fun.  But since I love what I do and I want to gain more experience, since this is the route that I’m going with my career, the commute does not bother me at all.  And there is an opportunity for a full time position with the company so that all makes the commute a little more bearable.

I am the only intern in the company which was a little awkward at first but everyone greeted me with open arms and everyone was so friendly.  It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere.  Everyone knows how to have fun but gets their work done on time and professionally.  It’s a pretty small company so there can’t be any flaws in production.  Which is cool.  There’s a little love in every jar at Crazy Steve’s.  Steve values are hard work and opinions so much that he sends each of his employees jars of any new concoctions he creates to get our feedback on how he can make it better or how can we sell this product to the company.  It makes us feel like we are an important part of the company and not just another employee.

But so far I’m having a great time with the internship.  I can’t wait to work on more projects!!  The next project I’m working on, which happens to be one of my favorite things to work on, is a logo for his “One Jar, One Meal, One Solution” campaign.  This campaign is for his end hunger effort.  Every jar he sells contributes one meal to any family in need.  That is awesome 🙂  So if you guys have any ideas that would be great!

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