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Being a Marketing Design intern for the past month at FringeArts has taught me many valuable lessons in regards to posting on social media vehicles and creating content for our website. Perhaps the most important lesson is finding a balance between entertainment and information. Although entertainment is one of the main goals that FringeArts strives for, there is a certain degree of professionalism that is must be considered while posting content online. I am gradually learning the more effective methods of marrying these two concepts; the more I learn, the better the content performs. My mentors Greg and Dan are the middlemen between the interns and the authorities who dictate the image that FringeArts strives to be.

There are going to be a lot of changes within the company that will take place over the next few months: our new restaurant, La peg., which opens in September in conjunction with the grand opening of the Fringe Festival, is another component that must be considered when writing press releases and creating social media content. More shows have been booked for this year’s Fringe Festival compared to the past 17 years since it started, which means much more communication, much more organization, and in general, much more work. I am positive that when my internship ends at the conclusion of the Fringe Festival, I will have a much firmer grasp on the cogs and gears within an office.

Attached are photos from Romeo Castellucci’s “The Four Seasons Restaurant”, which premieres for the first time in the United States during this year’s Presented Fringe. It is inspired by Mark Rothko’s refusal to produce murals for the Four Seasons Restaurant in Manhattan in the mid-20th century, although the imagery in the performance is a very complex interpretation of the events.

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