Creating Content for the Roots Picnic

I am currently working as a Content Creation Intern for The Mann Center of the Performing Arts. This opportunity has been amazing and has provided me with so many incredible experiences thus far. I have the responsibility of updating the social media accounts for our various concerts on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. Some of the events I have attended were the Roots Picnic, Noah Kahan concert, Young the Giant, and Two Friends. One thing I love about working for The Mann Center is that we host a variety of different artists and events. This keeps my job interesting and allows me to capture the different aesthetics of each artist. I have always been really well versed on social media trends, so this has helped me a lot when it comes to creating content that will generate views.

 My favorite video that I have uploaded was the “What People Wore to the Roots Picnic” Reel. This was one of the first Tiktoks/Reels I have created for The Mann Center, and its success has given me the motivation to unleash my creativity throughout my internship. This post was reposted by Live Nation and the Roots Picnic instagrams, and has gained over 18,000 views. I was extremely proud of this video because it captured my skills and editing style perfectly. I was able to speak to the patrons at the Roots Picnic, and went around taking videos of beautiful outfits I came across at the festival. I was nervous about posting this Reel because the style of video was new for The Mann, however, I was pleased with the feedback I had received. Another successful video I have created was our Star Wars in Concert Reel, which had over one hundred sends. This was a huge jump from the previous reel we had posted and it reminded me that people are actively engaging with my content.  These videos gave me the push I needed to continue aiming for that level of engagement for my ongoing posts. 

Being able to express my creativity while also maintaining the company’s guidelines has deepened my curiosity for the marketing world. Having the skill to cater to different audiences is something I have learned throughout my time here. The Mann Center gives me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of music and people. I have a new appreciation for the marketing world, and the art of content creation. This job has inspired me to continue working for this field and I am so grateful that this was my first significant step into my professional journey. 


  1. Hey Fabbiha, this sounds like an incredible internship and experience! I was actually at the Noah Kahan concert and had a blast so I am so happy you got to capture it. I totally understand what you mean by being nervous to unlock your creativity during your internship at first. I think as students we get a big chance to create content for others and sometimes play it safe out of fear of making something that’s different. At my internship I can attest that it is a fine line of whether to do what you or told or to do what you think might work better. I am really proud of you for choosing to create your own idea and glad you had success with the post. Something I think you should keep in mind is what you would like to see if you were scrolling on your phone. My question for you is whether you create this media yourself or if you have a team or person to help you? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Fabbiha! It was great getting to read about your internship experience and how you were able to use your personal style of creativity in The Mann Center’s social media content. It sounds like your “What People Wore to the Roots Picnic” video was fun to make and I’m glad that it got such amazing feedback since you said The Mann Center hadn’t really posted anything like that before. It’s awesome it was reposted by Live Nation and The Roots Picnic too! Getting to work on creating content for different artists seems like such a cool experience since you get to explore what types of content would be appealing to people who like each genre. One of the fields I am interested in working in after graduation is marketing and social media in the entertainment industry so getting to hear about your experience was very interesting and intrigued me a lot!

  3. Hi Fabbiha! I enjoyed reading about your internship as a Content Creator for The Mann Center of Performing Arts. I am really impressed to see that one of your first TikToks/Reels was reposted by Live Nation! That is such a great accomplishment. Also, reading to see that your Star Wars in Concert reel received over one hundred sends is also a great accomplishment as an intern. I am glad that you were able to express your creativity at an internship you really enjoyed! Also, reading about how each post continued to motivate you to reach that level of success is a great attitude towards your goals that you have. Great job!

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