Creativity Unleashed: My Internship Experience

My name is Brianna Coates and I am currently studying advertising at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the fall semester of 2023, I interned at One Five Capital, a real estate company. Starting an internship at One Five Capital has proven to be an eye-opening experience. The multifaceted nature of the company allowed me to tackle diverse tasks, from creating advertisements that capture attention to navigating the intricate processes of invoicing. During this internship, I realized the crucial significance of creativity when it comes to crafting compelling messages that connect with various audiences. Working closely with skilled workers has been a valuable experience. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in strategic campaign planning and client communication. The fast-paced environment taught me to adapt quickly to industry trends and navigate the complexities of advertising. 

Before my internship at One Five Capital, I was unsure about what I wanted to pursue within the advertising industry. As I continued my internship, I quickly learned that I most enjoy the graphic design aspect. One of my favorite experiences of the internship was collaborating on projects which allowed me to improve my teamwork and problem-solving skills. One project that another intern and I collaborated on involved organizing Halloween contests for the student buildings. We came up with ideas for a door decorating contest and a candy corn counting contest. Both of us created a post for social media to announce the contest and hung flyers around the buildings.

Along with team collaboration and campaign development, there have been other pivotal experiences that defined my internship. One of these experiences revolves around feedback and revisions. Constructive feedback gave me insights into the strengths and weaknesses I had. While I was told about my areas for improvement, my strengths were strongly acknowledged which helped me build confidence in my work. I felt much more motivated when I revised and improved the quality of my work. 

Another pivotal experience was understanding the importance of time management and meeting deadlines. In such a dynamic environment, time management ensured that I constructively planned out any project I worked on, as well as maintained quality standards. Effective time management helped balance my workload, which significantly reduced my stress about meeting deadlines. 

 Overall, this internship not only improved my academic learning but also equipped me with practical skills that will shape my future endeavors in the field of advertising. This experience has enhanced my professional development by providing hands-on opportunities. I’ve learned a lot and feel very fortunate for the opportunity to intern at One Five Capital this semester.

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