Culminating Thoughts from a Summer at Harmelin

I am writing this entry just as my internship at Harmelin Media is coming to a close. While the workload has dwindled as the summer has worn on, these past few days have given me a great opportunity to look back at and appreciate everything that I have learned during my time here. The final project that I worked on as an intern was putting together a presentation that culminated all the work that we had done throughout the summer for one of our main clients, BET. This ranged from promoting different television series, as well as highlighting their biggest production, the yearly BET Awards.


As my time wraps up here, I am left feeling very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. While I not only learned a great deal about the practices of media planning and buying and everything that they entail, I also made several great connections with the people I worked closely with, that will hopefully last long after my time as an intern has run out. Taking both of those main aspects into account, I cannot help but feel as though this experience has been beneficial and helped to set myself up in a positive position moving forward.

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