Dare to Dream

This past Thanksgiving, I was able to relive my childhood while participating in a grassroots marketing campaign.  Disney on Ice is one of the Wells Fargo Center’s annual family shows, and I was able to attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia to help advertise the event.
Leading up to the event, I have contributed to the marketing efforts with the group sales department for Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream. Specifically, I researched local scout troops and organized direct mailers to advertise “Scout Night” and special discounts the groups could receive. I have also processed countless Disney on Ice ticket orders throughout my time at my internship. I guess you can say have become well acquainted with the event over the past 3 months, but it all culminated at the Thanksgiving Day Parade event.

Early Thursday morning, we all arrived at JFK Blvd where everyone was preparing to begin the parade. We saw all the other floats pass as the parade was beginning. Finally, it was our turn to join in. We were given packages of vouchers for Disney on Ice and the Ringling Brothers Circus that we passed out to everyone watching the parade. We walked along side horse-drawn carriages carrying Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, and Rapunzel from Disney’s newest movie, Tangled. All of the children were so elated at the sight of their favorite Disney princesses and jumped at the opportunity to get a voucher to see them on ice. After the parade, we had the chance to meet Princess Tiana and Rapunzel, and a few of us interns were able to take a picture with them!

The experience taught me that participating in a parade is only one interesting way to reach an audience and advertise an upcoming event. Many people try to create new events to market products, but sometimes overlook opportunities to market through established events in particular geographic areas. Through the Disney on Ice Thanksgiving event, I also realized that the personal interaction between the markers and the audience could absolutely have a huge impact on the consumer’s final decision to purchase the product. Many of the bystanders were enthusiastic about the vouchers and considering attending the event. Although I had so much fun participating in the event, I am so appreciative for the experience and the amount I learned through working the event.

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