Day 1 at Red Tettemer

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My name is Katie McKown and I have been interning as an Account Manager at Red Tettemer and Partners since the end of June. I started not knowing anything about Account Management other than what I have learned in intro to Ad classes because I am following the copywriting track. You are probably wondering why I am not interning as a copywriter. When I was going through my applying processes an agency offered an Account Management position to me in Harrisburg. Unfortunately I could not travel to Harrisburg, but it got me thinking. The woman asked me if I was good with deadlines, organized, and a hard worker. I knew I was all of those things. I am extremely organized and I am known to be early rather than on time. I decided that this might be a fun way to discover the Account side of the agency.

So there I was having a meeting with Steve Red at Red Tettemer, who normally does not do interviews but I had some insider help. I told him my situation and that I was interested in both Copywriting and Account Management. He introduced me to Diana Montagna who went through the same situation. She went from wanting to be a copywriter to becoming an Account Manager. She too decided that this would be a great way to introduce me to the Account side, “the cooler side” she claimed. And that’s my story.

I soon found out that Diana was right this was “the cooler side” or at least cooler than I expected. I learned fast that you can still be creative as an Account Manager. I watched Diana help one of her main clients, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation come up with “love letter” ideas regarding the Phillies All Star, Shane Victorino. This was really cool to see because I learned that being creative is key to success in the Account side as well.

From just the first day, I knew I was going to love this place. We are located on the top floor, where the Wannamaker family lived. Our office is their penthouse and it still looks like a house, besides the lack of beds and numerous amounts of printers, Macs, and even a studio. The people are really nice and you can tell that they all get along so well and have fun together; this is evident when you see Nerf gun bullets “whizzing” past you while at your desk. I think I am going to like it here!

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