Designing at Skai Blue Media

The challenging and enjoyable process of creating multiple personal logo concepts for SKai Blue Media brand ....

My last big project at my internship was to design multiple personal logo concepts for Rakia’s (the owner) personal brand, apart from the Skai Blue Media brand. This was a challenging and enjoyable process in which I grew much more familiar with what goes into logo design, like the importance of color psychology and typography choice. From the first day of this internship when I was asked to create an annual report infographic of the company’s past year’s accomplishments and statistics and every day after that, I was introduced to a new design or communication problem that I had not necessarily experienced before, but I was able to use my skills that I had acquired through different classes and just personal practice to effectively design what was needed. From Instagram event flyers to SnapChat filters I was introduced to a much more professional field of design than I was used to and it turned out to be a great learning experience. And when I didn’t completely know how to accomplish the task at hand I would ask questions of the associate creative director who was able to mentor me in the right way to finish the design. 

Interning for Skai Blue Media helped me realize my appreciation for public relations more so than advertising. I liked the way that the firm used storytelling and visuals consistent with the brand to promote them in a genuine manner. I am intrigued by branding and the many roles that a PR firm like Skai Blue Media can have in that field. In addition to the quality of the company and the experience I gained from working with them, the office space that Skai Blue Media operates from is a collaborative office space called Pipeline Philly. It is 15 stories up in a building on 15th and Chestnut that offers a beautiful view looking out onto City Hall and the surrounding areas. Working in a space like this contributed to my productivity and overall attitude of going into work. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in the fields of advertising and/or public relations, and graphic design.  

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