Details details…details

Details and execution is a key part of the advertising industry. Most students think it’s all about the great ideas, and even though that is somewhat true, without great execution it won’t matter. It’s all in the details.  When you design layouts everything needs to look perfectly, there has to be a structure that pleases the eye. And this is what I have seen a lot in my internship. I’m currently an intern at Jarvus Innovations, where the focus is web design and software. I have gotten the chance to work a lot on layouts and vector shapes and this has opened my eyes to how important everything is. I had to design this logo that needed 4 different gradients, and other effects, something that made it stand out. Without those little details the logo would not look the same. There are really great graphic designers out there that we are competing against, and most of them are better than us, so our job is to show our strengths as art directors, think of every single detail.


This is an example I found; a Target ad where they screwed up, something like this you can’t miss!

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