Direct TV: Opulence, I has it…

It is absolutely acceptable to make commercials about other ethnic groups.

I get so tired of commercials being white or black (where black always has to have a song or a beat). McDonalds will not leave well enough alone. I’ve seen some spots recently that are shaking things up and some agencies out there are starting to get it right. I’ve stated my piece before about parody vs mockery. It is absolutely acceptable to make commercials about other ethnic groups. It’s refreshing. Despite America being a melting pot, most ethnic groups aren’t represented in the ad media. The gloves do come off on foreign spots though.

This brings me to Direct TV’s Russian spot. It’s easily the best Direct TV ad I’ve ever seen. There isn’t much I don’t like about it. It has all the stuff I’d probably have if I had that kind of money especially a gilded bust of myself (and several in marble). I have such a deep admiration for power art. Most people were probably hooked by the mini giraffe. As an art director in training I’m noticing many of the finer details that create the whole. The authenticity is what’s so striking. I’m sure the gold turtleneck is one of the most key ingredients. The only thing missing is a bottle of vodka. I would’ve added it. I don’t suppose this is a family friendly spot anyway.

What makes it good is that there’s nothing offensive about it. Perhaps women may take offense to the “servitude” if you can call it that (although there is greater damage being done elsewhere). What’s not to like about having a gilded remote sitting atop a plate of gold bullion?

“More on the facing book!”

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