Do The Unexpected, You Might Make A Valuable Impression

When I first began my internship at Ben FM radio station as a sales intern, I expected my duties to strictly pertain to working with the sales team and account managers. Delightfully that was not the case.

While working at Ben, I was not only able to attend luncheons and events which showcased celebrities, I worked in the studio on the soundboard, on upcoming sponsorships, and on keeping key account updated. Ben has proven the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Thursday mornings I was able to sit in on the weekly meeting. We went over things such as new clients, impressions, CTR, future media packages etc. My first meeting I was asked to attend the Women Of The Week (WOTW) luncheon which took place on the roof top of the Kimmel Center.

Three large events that I was able to be a part of were WOTW luncheon, Purina National Dog Show luncheon meeting (with John O’Hurley), and a sales meeting with The American Red Cross to help create its upcoming event, The Red Ball. I could not be more grateful that I was asked to be part of these events, and it allowed me to network with people I never thought I would be able to meet! One major thing I found was that helping with any task around the office, no matter how big or small, can make a huge impression on others. Putting yourself out there and looking for work and not sitting around waiting for it gets you noticed.





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