Design studios are everywhere because design is needed everywhere. It seems obvious, but when looking for jobs and places to live post-grad its a helpful reminder. Especially with the ever-increasing permeance of the Internet, small or rural design studios are able to have a larger and more diverse client base. New York and London are alluring, especially when you’re aiming for an career fast-track position. But there are often overlooked design studios that are just as prestigious as the ones in big cities, while being in the suburbs of less brand-name states means that you have more of a chance to stand out. Take, for example, Doe Eyed. They are a design studio headed by Eric Nyffeler and Michael Nielsen out of Lincoln, Nebraska (I’ve been there–its home to grain elevators painted with huge murals of steak, which is a selling point in itself). Doe Eyed has been around for a while and they consistently churn out beautiful design and illustration. Their client list includes Andrew Bird, the Roots, Iron&Wine, Yeasayer, The Mountain Goats and Superchunk; they’re featured in design books and magazines like the Big Book of Green Design, HOW Magazine, and GigPosters 2011 for their posters but they seem to be open to new mediums and enjoy a challenge. Smaller design studios = more chances to ask questions. Check out some of their work and keep Doe Eyed and places like them in mind; if you like driving, rural living might be a great opportunity to start a career.



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  1. I really like Doe Eyed’s work, Maia. Thanks for introducing us to them. Do you know someone who works there? Are you considering looking to join their team post-graduation?

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