Does it offend you? Or make you think?

There is always controversy when it comes to animal rights advertising. In the United States PETA is responsible for creating some pretty attention grabbing campaigns. Most of the time they feature a naked celebrity, claiming they’d “rather go naked than wear fur.” If you thought this was shocking you should see what some animal rights groups are doing overseas. A group called, “Humans for Animals”, has produced some extremely shocking advertisements which were created by TBWA in Paris. The ad is set in an arctic location. It features an image of an adult seal killing a human baby. In the bottom corner it reads, “Don’t treat other’s the way you don’t want to be treated.” The purpose it to show that it is not right how humans kill baby seals. It is showing the roles reversed. At first glance, it is extremely hard to look at because it is incredibly saddening. However…it really makes you think. What do you think of this ad? Does it offend you? Or do you think it really gets the point across?

Humans for Animals-TBWA Paris


  1. “Don’t treat others the way you don’t want to be treated.” This ad is missing another person. Peta is defending an argument that nobody is making (straw man). Civilization may have ended a long time ago if everybody thought that way. I’ll be friends with this bear and see what happens. Maybe she’ll name her first cub after me. Her cub can help my kids pick berries.

    Again, I can only speak for myself, but animals are not my peers. I know there are “cat people” and “dog people” who treat their pets better than they treat other humans, but that isn’t the norm.

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