Eenie Meenie Miney Mo…Which Artist’s Work Do You Like the Most?

In my role as an intern at Jako Enterprises I assist with multiple events. Our latest event was UBIQ’s Converse X Made By You Event that we hosted at the store on May 8th and May 22nd. First of all, there were four different artists on the 8th. Each of them has his/her own style of drawing but as long as you either brought an old pair of chucks or bought a new pair of chucks, you had the opportunity to have an artist of your choosing customize your shoes! Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.42.11 AM

Each of the artists was really nice and he/she spent his/her time on each shoe to make sure everyone’s ideas accurately came to life.

I never truly realized how much work goes into planning an event for over 100 people. We recently started working with Skai Blue Media to initiate press releases for the event. We also invited a few influencers to each event to help promote and drive people to come. I would say that with the first event we finished with around 275 guests, but the event on the 22nd left us with around 350 guests. Due to the first event on the 8th, the interest definitely drove people to come back and to bring their friends as well. It was a great experience and i’m sorry if you missed out, but find a full recap and all of the pictures on UBIQ’s blog.

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