Elevated Look: My Journey from Philadelphia to Hollywood

As a senior at Temple University with nothing else to complete except this internship, I am gearing up to face the mountain that is the real world.

My remote internship has been at a marketing agency in Beverly Hills, California called “Elevated Look.” Yes, California, where they are three hours behind EST. This actually benefits me since I am a night owl. Elevated Look is a multipurpose business offering many different services as well as various types of content creation like video content, social media content, content marketing, content education, and more. Going to college in Philadelphia and then, interning remotely at an agency in California has been quite an interesting journey for me. As a “content writer intern,” I’ve worked personally with the CEO and Founder, Mark Stampfli. I’ve been interning here for less than three months but there so much I’ve learned about how the real world operates and even about myself.

As a content writer intern, I mainly do researching and writing. I’ve done a few Excel spreadsheets with a bunch of research involved for an article on the blog site called, “LA Today.” This has easily been the most fun I’ve had working for Elevated Look. I feel as if I am in my element. After researching, I’ve gotten to write two full articles for LA Today, which Mark reviews. One is titled “Secrets of Hollywood” about hidden gems and unknown spots in Hollywood and the other is “Guide to Pizza in LA” giving details on 30+ pizza places in multiple LA counties. I’ve put in a ton of hours towards this internship. Each week is new work and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

My internship journey has taught me the one thing I wanted to get the most out of it and that is what it’s like to write in the real world. For my whole life, I’ve either written for myself or for an assignment. But at Elevated Look, I wasn’t writing for myself as a hobby. I wasn’t writing for a grade; although feedback is extremely important to me. I finally got a feel for what it was like to write in the real world. Like I said, this is the beginning of my climb. Writing has always been my passion and this experience has only cemented my feelings towards what I want to do for the rest of my life. My major is advertising with a concentration in copywriting, so now I am positive that this is the field I want to pursue. Something I really learned was how to hone in on my skillset and even expand it. Crafting articles is something new I got to do and it was my favorite part. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I taught myself how to tell a story even through paragraphs in an article. Lastly, this experience taught me a lot of self-responsibility. In this field of work, everyone knows that you have to stay in control of the things you can control, like your own work and the responsibility you have to get it done. This has been my journey from Philadelphia to the hills of Hollywood… who knows where I can go from here!

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  1. Hi Christian, I think it’s so cool that you have an internship with a marketing agency in California! I hope you receive a full-time offer from the agency. Do you think you would move to California? Best of luck!

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