Engineering Intern as an Advertising Major

Hi everyone my name is Katie Kelly and I am a rising Senior Advertising Major!

Hi everyone my name is Katie Kelly and I am a rising Senior Advertising Major! After reading the title of my post you might be scratching your head a little, as I was the first week or so of my internship. BUT, you read it right! This summer I am an Engineering Intern at Magee Technologies. Magee Technologies (MTech) is a startup company that specializes in aerospace structural designs, analysis, and certification. As an Advertising Major I knew nothing about the aerospace industry or the ins and outs of engineering. However, I was drawn to exploring job opportunities in this field because my father flew F/A-18 Hornets for the Marine Corps and growing up in that lifestyle consisted of exciting adventures to the plane hangars on base. Somehow I wanted to incorporate that into my adult life.

While my official title was Engineering Intern, my tasks fell under those of business operations. During my time at MTech, I was in charge of parts and hardware inventory. These are the parts that are used to mount our camera structure onto an airplane for “terrain analysis.” I kept that in the back of my mind during while working on this tedious yet, detrimental task. I watched shipments of parts, logged them upon arrival, sorted them into categories, and put part kits together that were sent to then sent off to mount our camera installation. During this, I learned not only about structures and hardware descriptions but also got first hand knowledge of how my work was going to benefit the company.

In addition, I worked on scheduling business trips. MTech works with numerous contractors from all over the country that assist in their projects. They travel to these people to check up on the work thats being done. I organized these trips by booking flights, rental cars, hotels, and sorting out per diem allotment.

Overall, my time at MTech has taught me that our major is very applicable to other fields. While I am not anyone’s go to girl on “determining stress and strain,” I was able to utilize skills learned in Klein College such as time management, coordination and organization, and willingness to learn. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have interned with MTech and I am exciting for what’s next!

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