Enjoying Marketing Events for GEICO

I am currently interning at the Local GEICO office in Wynnewood. Being an intern, I am given the opportunity to attend events of all kinds including ones for non-profit organizations, new/small businesses, sports games, and even concerts. I even just went to a Phillies game where I would have gotten great picture with some of the players if only my phone wasn’t stuck in “selfie mode.”

My favorite events to attend are the Alex’s Lemonade Stand non-profit organization ones. I have gone to many of them and it’s always a ton of fun not only to help a great cause but to see how excited the kids get to see the gecko. Its awesome to see how people of all ages connect with the advertising and branding the company does, adults and children alike are always mentioning their favorite commercial or asking the gecko to do the cheese-steak shuffle.

Being involved with the office is teaching me not only a lot about the company, but also what kinds of marketing tools it takes to generate awareness for a business and has shown me the true power of advertising first hand. It seems every event I’ve gone to people are always so excited to see the GEICO name and get freebies since they connect so much with all the commercials they have seen and heard. Every event just inspires me so much to eventually create memorable content so many people will be able to enjoy and of course they are always a ton of fun!

Meet the Gecko!
Meet the Gecko!


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