My name is Talia Siegler and I am working as the Marketing and Events Intern for Tesoro Leather. Tesoro Leather is not just a place to shop for leather bags and accessories, it’s a place for women to feel empowered by the things they make and purchase. Tesoro Leather is a space for women to support other female artists and entrepreneurs and meet other like-minded individuals. And who’s the woman behind all of it? My boss, Brittany Reed. I’ve learned so much from working directly with her on all things relating to advertising, social media, marketing, public relations, and events. She single-handedly founded, owns, and hand-makes all of the leather product for her store, Tesoro Leather. Through my work there, I have solidified my career aspirations. I now know that I want to either own my own business, as a freelancer, or work for a woman, who I support whole-heartedly, like Brittany Reed. I have honed and improved my skills in graphic design, social media, promotion, bloggers and influencer outreach, and curating seamless and meaningful events. One of my favorite things that comes with working at Tesoro Leather is being able to assist Brittany with her “Make Your Own” Workshops.

I helped launch this event series, which was very exciting for me. Twice a month, Brittany teaches a group of ten people how to create their own small leather product. So far we have had workshops in wallets, card holders, plant hangers and embroidery loops. All of the events have been super successful and a lot of fun for everyone involved. I was able to learn firsthand, through these workshops, how to ensure that events run smoothly and are promoted properly. I’ve also had the opportunity to assist Brittany with the photo shoot for her new spring collection. I learned about lighting. photography, curating an interesting setting and understanding how to set up visuals that enhance the products rather than overshadow them. I am very inspired by my work and I can’t wait to see where the future leads me. I know that whatever I do, I will be using my skills in social media, branding, advertising, writing, and promotion, to uplift female-owned businesses and other brands that are pushing for positive change in their communities.