For the past 5 months, I had the pleasure of interning at The Creative Group event planning company and working on various events such as the YMCA Philadelphia chapter awards ceremony and the Philadelphia Flower Show. Working as an event planning associate under Fred Stein, an established event planner, I have gained unthinkable experience and knowledge that will apply to any career opportunity or life event in general.

It is important to note, however, that the sudden introduction of COVID-19 has greatly impacted the event planning landscape. There are various new standards that must be performed in order to meet mandated guidelines, as well as a huge decrease in the number of events that need to be planned. This has proven to be an issue for anyone in the event planning business. Fortunately for my situation, Stein is recognized in the Philadelphia area as one of the best and was given many opportunities throughout the duration of my internship.

To begin, while working on the YMCA awards ceremony, I was given the responsibility of maintaining COVID-19 guidelines, performing audio/visual checks, broadcasting the hybrid event through a video platform, and ensuring the event space was dressed accordingly. That particular event introduced me to Stein’s expectations as well as the amazingly fast paced environment that is event planning. 

Currently, I am working with Stein and others to ensure the Philadelphia Flower Show from June 5-13th runs smoothly. Although the event isn’t for two months, we have begun virtually meeting with individuals and companies involved in the show. My tasks consist of attending meetings with relevant parties, attending on-site visits, and performing extensive spreadsheet work on the master schedule that includes everything in the event like the companies participating, tables and chairs, and even parking. This event planning experience has been a lot different than my original expectations, however I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge regarding event planning, consumer interactions, professional email etiquette, as well as using Excel in a professional setting.