EXLing Forward

After three noteworthy years, occupations, and apartments – my desire for change, both professionally and geographically, became irrepressible.

Three months and thirty-odd miles away, I am now comfortably situated in Lambertville, New Jersey, as a lead Marketing Coordinator for EXL Service. My name is Alexandria, and after an entire summer, I still have trouble describing my internship. What I initially envisioned as an opportunity to shadow in a new and emerging field, quickly transformed into a full-time position as my predecessor departed on maternity leave. In her absence, I independently lead all marketing efforts for TTL’s (Travel, Transportation and Logistics) BU (business unit) within EXL.

To provide a brief background – EXL Service is a publically traded B2B corporation specializing in operations management and analytics, serving a wide variety of industries. Based out of New York, we assist a multitude of Fortune 1000 corporations in providing tangible bottom line results through the implementation of Digital Intelligence – the culmination of human and technological expertise. In regards to my BU, TTL serves a mix of niche markets, from 3PL (Third Party Logistics) distribution centers, to major airlines; we apply a combination of analytics and AI to solve complex issues.

Aforementioned, with a singular focus on B2B marketing, EXL’s promotional approach dramatically deviates from my experience in the realm of B2C advertising. With a business model structured around the relationship between sales and marketing, there is little-to-no need for an advertising department. This being said, each BU’s marketing lead independently executes the entirety of their promotional efforts, from LinkedIn to webinars and event sponsorship. As TTL’s independent lead, the past few months have entailed two campaign launches on multiple platforms (in addition to five in the nurturing stage), numerous events (both hosted and attended), and Thought Leadership’s long awaited release of the EXL + Harvard Business Review (HBR) booklet on the future of AI. Though difficult to foresee this early on, in my coming months with TTL we anticipate the release of a BU specific booklet, new sponsorship/speaking engagements, and of course, more campaigns. My time with EXL has enabled me to excel in my career path, while solidifying my aspirations post-graduation. I attribute a great deal of my newfound clarity and confidence to the exceptional mentorship I have received from my TTL team, and am humbled to share that I will be continuing my time with them into the fall semester!

Due to the confidential nature of EXL’s business, titles and figures cannot be disclosed in this post.

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