Expect the Unexpected In Order To Blast Off

Hello, Temple Community! My name is Kevin Grace and I have had the pleasure of accepting and starting my internship experience this semester with ChatterBlast Media as a Graphic Design Intern.
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Hello, Temple Community! My name is Kevin Grace and I’ve had the pleasure of accepting and starting my internship experience this semester with ChatterBlast Media as a Graphic Design Intern. I am a junior at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication studying advertising with a double concentration in art direction and brand strategy and research. My position’s main responsibility is creating various design deliverables for clients and/or the company, such as designing reports, social content, custom visual assets, blog posts, and campaign work.

I’ve never worked in an agency setting before so I was eager to start this new journey! It is clear that every person has an important job in making our company run smoothly and successfully. In a normal sized advertising agency, everyday is something new, but this is especially true for a smaller company, such as this one. During my time at ChatterBlast, I’ve been thrown into countless projects and positions I did not think would occur. This internship has taught me valuable skills, not only within the industry, but also life lessons I can carry with me even when my time with ChatterBlast comes to an end. My main takeaway from this internship experience is to expect the unexpected. 

  1. Mastering (… well, sort of) a new Adobe Program- AfterEffects. In my initial interview, my boss asked if I had any knowledge of the program. I replied with an honest no, but that I was willing to learn on the job. What I did not expect was how much the company uses this program. Within the first week, I was assigned a project using AfterEffects. I was nervous, but very eager to learn a new skill set.  Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. My first day using the program was a bust— I kept messing up, the program kept crashing, and my patience was wearing thin. However, with time, practice, and an open discussion with my boss on how I was feeling, I am able to use this program with (barely) any issues. Although there are still times I may fumble up in the program, I am no longer discouraged when something unexpected happens. 
  2. Overcommunication is better than under communication. My last point leads me directly to my next point. What allowed me to understand a new program was my ability to communicate how I was feeling. Honesty is always the best policy! If you are ever slightly confused or need to clarify the smallest detail, do not be afraid to ask your mentor. The smallest things can make the biggest differences. Trust me, a boss would rather have someone who over communicates, instead of someone who completely ghosts them. 
  3. (Kind of) Overcoming imposter syndrome. There were definitely days where I felt like I was not good enough—days where I thought I would get fired just because I made the illusion up in my head. If anyone ever feels like this, remember, there is a reason they hired you. They saw potential in you. Sometimes you don’t get things right the first time and that is okay! It is all part of the learning process. Everyone at ChatterBlast cares about their interns and wants to see us succeed. Be kind, honest, and communicate how you are feeling and success will surely follow. 

During my time with ChatterBlast, I’ve learned so much about the industry, the company, and myself. This agency has taught me to expect the unexpected and run at obstacles with full force. A challenge is the only path that leads to growth. 


  1. I love how you organized your post into a list! And, I love the use of the bolded and italicized words to get the points across.

  2. Kevin, I loved reading your blog! I felt like we had similar takeaways and I loved your last takeaway because it’s so true. We are usually our own biggest enemies and forget to realize what we bring to the table. I really want to take the time to dive deeper into the Adobe Creative Suite and get more experience using Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks for sharing!

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