Expectations vs Experience

As the Summer 1 semester is soon to come to a close, I am saddened to think how time has gone by so fast! My internship will definitely be one to remember. I plan to use the wisdom and connections I have gained in my near future. As for my initial expectations of this PR, Marketing, and Special Events internship, I assumed I was going to do little tasks and boring activities to take up time. I know so many people who have had internships and had to simply get coffee, separate mail, and complete tasks that were unrelated to their major in school.

Of course I was nervous on my first day but I have gotten to understand the procedures of what is expected of me. As I mentioned in my other post, my boss invites me to attend meetings, events, and asks for my opinion for tasks of our clients. I have met a good amount of connections and have been invited to special events hosted by other as well. I felt as if I were truly part of a team instead of being an assistant and doing little tasks at the office. This experience has prepared me for the real world and cannot wait to finally graduate.

The only thing I wish I had done differently was to have an internship at an ad agency or marketing department. My internship is currently with a PR, Marketing, and Special Events firm and we primarily deal with public relations. Although I assist in special event planing as well and it is exciting, I feel that my true passion is in advertising. I realized public relations is not for me and it does not tickle my fancy so much.  I am not disappointed with my experience during this internship and certainly do not dwell on the negativity of that. If anything, this has opened my eyes more and also opportunities that can lead me to my dream career. I am very thankful for this opportunity and blessed to have encountered so many people, clients, and projects to assist me in my near future.

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