Hey guys! It’s Gary Kiebach III! I am a graduating Ad Research student and for my internship this semester I worked as the digital communications assistant for Temple Undergraduate Admissions! In my position I am in charge of all things social media, from Twitter content to Instagram posts to Snapchat geofilters on Experience Temple Days. The main purpose of the Undergraduate Admissions department is no secret: recruit undergraduate students. Most of what I post and share is targeted towards high school seniors or juniors looking for their full-time university home. It is my job to make Temple feel like their home. Whenever there was an interesting event on campus like the What If fair at the Bell Tower I was posting about it. May 1st (college decision day) right around the corner? That’s a post I made on Tuesday! https://twitter.com/admissionsTU/status/856943965257572356

Working in university admissions offers a unique perspective on the workings of a university and how it attracts its newest scholars. Temple sends admissions ambassadors all around the country to reach as many schools as possible, in an effort to bring the brightest and the best to our urban nest. Temple doesn’t only care about high school seniors, Temple sends pennants and t-shirts to elementary and middle schools across the country as well. If this isn’t news to you it was to me! I worked very closely with the admissions counselors that review applications and honestly it was an eye-opening experience.

The most exciting time of year for admissions is accepted student days, but we at Temple know them as Experience Temple Days (ETD). On these designated days, future Owls and their families visit our campus for the day, during which they attend info sessions, tour residence halls and tour campus even further. It was during these days that my advertising mind thrived. I created Snapchat filters and 3-D hashtags for students to use and share with their friends during their time at ETD. I live tweeted and live-grammed the days events and posted pictures of new owls and their families on our feed. On top of this content I was also tasked with motivating students and parents to share their most Temple spirited pictures to win an Amazon Kindle Fire! ETD was exhilarating, and it was honestly the best part of the undergraduate experience for me.