Exposure through Pulse Media

My portfolio reflects so much growth and potential, ready to be seen by designers in the industry.

Hello Everyone! My name is Destanie Murphy and I am a senior, studying Advertising with a concentration Art Direction. I am currently a Graphic Design Intern at HBCU Pulse/ Pulse Media.

For my first internship, my experience has been packed in many lessons, exposure, and an abundance fo support. I have learned to manage my tasks and time wisely, how to best communicate with clients and other inters, and have been exposed to the world on academic blogging. Prior to this position, I thought I was an expert at social media being that it has been around majority of my life. Working with Pulse media has taught me how to effectively use social media platforms and gain the attention of many different audiences.

I have learned how to cooperate with clients of many different backgrounds, which has translated extremely well to my personal freelance graphics business. With the support of my supervisor, Randall Barnes, and the many connections I have made through him, I am proud to say that this has been the most growth I have seen in myself, design-wise. The most significant part of my internship experience has been election/ campaign season! It was filled with a plethora of projects that have increased the value in my portfolio and exposed my freelance business to a lot of current/ potential clients. I specialize in flyer design/ Instagram posts for Pulse Media; however, as of recently I have been completing more branding projects. This is significant to my growth as a designer because it allows me to practice my logo development and the proper way to communicate with clients inquiring about that particular service.

This is my first internship and has been a very outstanding experience from the start! I have made connections with people/ designers that still influence me to this day. Although I have only been on the team for 7 months, it has felt like years and I am proud of the connections that have been produced as a result. My work has been liked and seen by thousands of viewers, which is something I have always strived for. Exposure is very important to me, being that I have only been doing graphic design for about 2 years. My portfolio reflects so much growth and potential, ready to be seen by designers in the industry.

Overall, I am really excited to continue my internship into the second semester and getting even more experience so that I am prepared to transition into an advertising agency. This being my last year in undergrad is very exciting, and knowing that I have the support of my supervisor and other interns brings me comfort and motivation to keep pushing!

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