Fan turned Intern. Behind the scenes.

Hello Everyone, My name is Mike and I am in the account management track at Temple University. I am currently interning with the Philadelphia Wings Marketing Department at the Wells Fargo Center. Since I grew up in South Philadelphia, as a child I had the opportunity to go to many sporting and concert events at The Vet Stadium, The Spectrum, and the Wells Fargo Center. The experience working with the Wings has been very exciting because of all the various employees, clients, and interns I had the privilege of working with.

Before I began working as an intern, I did not expect to enjoy working in sports because of my lack of interest in the industry. However, in the last three months of my internship, I was able to work closely with my boss Nikki and the marketing team in an enjoyable atmosphere and great work culture. As a Philadelphia Wings intern, I handled a lot of theme nights, trade agreements with clients, in-game promotions and research. Whenever I finished a task, I would report to Nikki and ask what else can I help with. I wanted to show how determined and dedicated I am to my work, and I did exactly that. One of the best aspects of this internship was discovering how important each staff member is to the company. Value your staff and they will continue to do great things for the company.

Each Friday, I attend a CMD (Complex Marketing Department) class dedicated only to interns. In these classes we learned about the Wells Fargo Center history, how to create a media plan, and PR plans for upcoming events. Theses classes are an excellent opportunity to get to know the complex marketing employees, ask them questions and advice because one day they may be interviewing us for a job. Every week we would have a guest speaker ranging from the CEO, Peter Lukko, to the Interactive Manager, Tripp Black. The one-thing speakers said was how important his or her employees are to them. When I would ask for advice as an intern, Peter Lukko said how important it is for us to network while we are here because these people can help us in the future. Since the day he spoke, I have gone out of my way to introduce myself to everyone who crossed my path.

To describe what a typical day is like as a Wings intern is attending an interactive meeting and discussing The Wells Fargo Center, updating the Facebook, Twitter, and ticketing accounts. Other days I attend brainstorming sessions, Wings Exhibition games, The Wings Fest (season ticket holders party), an in-game run through, marketing meetings and setting up in game stations. I also had the opportunity to work closely with the Complex Marketing department, in charge of concerts and shows such as Jay – Z and Kayne: Watch the Throne Tour, Jingle Ball, Foo Fighters, Powerhouse, Disney on Ice, and The Ringling Bros. Circus. I was lucky enough to shadow the Marketing Director, Mary Paolantonio, during the Foo Fighter concert for the entire evening. We were responsible for signing in the media (ABC, NBC, CBS) and escorting them on and off stage to take pictures and videos. That night, I learned how much work goes into a concert and what it was like to be behind the scenes instead of being a fan. The great thing about this internship is that I had many opportunities to work in other departments and finding out the things I do and do not enjoy doing.

After the concert

As I am approaching my finals days at the Wells Fargo Center, I will leave with a great experience, strong contacts and great new friends. This also helped me discover my interest in possibly heading into the entertainment/sports industry instead of an advertising agency.

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