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Hello all,

My name is Elizabeth Moore, I am a current student at Temple University going into my senior year.  I intern at a production company called Shooters, INC in Philadelphia on 6th and Walnut Street at the Curtis Center.  I started in mid June and will be ending towards the beginning of August.  Having been here for more than a month has been a useful tool towards my career in the advertising industry.  When I first started off as an intern at Shooters and as a student at Temple I was interested in working at an advertising agency.  However, my interests have shifted a bit and I am now interested in working at a digital production agency.  I firmly believe that technology has become so advanced that people are more prone to watching the news, reading a book, and playing games on their smartphones, computers/laptops, and tablets.  Digital advertising will be the new replacement for print advertising and I want to be there right there with it.

So far, Shooters has taught me that every department plays an important and necessary role when working in a production company.  Each department has their own tasks to fulfill in order to complete a specific job when working with clients.  There is a process in which all participants of a department must meet in order to fulfill the clients needs, wants and budgets.  This particular company is very “family oriented”, everyone works very well with one another and the communication is great.  Within Shooters, the most interesting field of study I love working in is the sales/marketing department.  I’ve worked closely with the Sr. Executive who has given me projects on what he does in order to get connected with a client.  I definitely want to work in that specific department (after graduating school) because I like the work they do and I like how they are the first people to come in contact with a client.

The most positive aspects I have discovered while interning at Shooters is how everyone works so well with each other.  Every department is very good at their jobs and they know that.  They also know that communication within the departments is a necessary tool in order to run a successful company.  All the departments are constantly giving one another credit for a job well done and social bonds are kept throughout the organization.  I think a huge part of this positivity is because the employees love what they do and they love who they work with.  Shooters is a great atmosphere to work in and for the most part everyone is friendly and engaging.

I have definitely met someone who inspires me to pursue my career in the sales/marketing department.  As stated, he is the Senior Executive of the Sales and Marketing department.  I admire his work because he is good at it, he is respected by his employees/sales team, and he does a job well done.  His work has shown me that with the right amount of research you can accomplish big things when searching for new clients to “hook.”  I love working with him because the projects he has given me is part of his daily work load and so far I have been doing everything he has asked and been getting full credit for it.  I really hope to become a Sr. or Executive at a firm one day in order to have the job that he does, and will continue to thrive in the industry and work hard in my academic studies.

The experience has definitely been everything I expected it to be because I put in a lot of time and effort to stay busy and let myself be known within the company.  I actually was expecting to do more of the “coffee order, constantly cleaning, filing paperwork” stuff, but it turned out to be a better experience.  I kept introducing myself to the employees and letting them know I am here to help and asked if there were meetings (with clients) that I could sit in on.  Becoming engaged in their careers showed them that I was a serious intern who wanted to get involved with the daily lifestyle of working in a production company.

I strongly  believe that technology has become and will become so advanced that more and more people will start to switch from subscribing to magazines and newspapers and get their news and stories from their smartphones and tablets.  Because we live in such a fast paced technological generation, I believe that digital advertising will eventually “take over” print ads.  That is where the real business lies and I want to work for a digital advertising company in the sales/marketing department.  I’ve definitely gained a real insight on how the sales/marketing team operates and handles clients and think I would do a great job with the right amount of determination and research.

Hope you liked what I had to say about my experience at Shooters and where I would like to go with my professional career.  Thank you for reading my blog post.



Elizabeth Moore

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Sales/Marketing Offices
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