Final Days at Philly Mag

philadelphia-magazine-logoWith my last day at Philadelphia Magazine officially over, I am realizing how much I really learned from this experience. I am a junior in both research and account management tracks and this was my first internship. I feel that I learned so much just being in the office and seeing the way the business works. I am not only going to miss working at 1818 Market, but also working with everyone at Philadelphia Magazine. Working surrounded by all these professionals really gave me motivation to have a job there some day. Everyone is so focused and dedicated to there work, which really inspired me.


The last event I worked was Philadelphia Magazine’s annual Wine and Food Festival. This was a huge event where vendors from all over the Philadelphia area came for people to taste their wine. I helped with registration and later in the night helped organize the special lounges for sponsors. With an event this big, registration was very hectic but allowed me to see how important a well thought out plan is when planning big events. By having things organized in advance everything goes much smoother. After I went on to help with the lounges where I saw how important client relationships really are. The magazine did a lot to ensure that the sponsors had everything they needed and they enjoyed the event. By going the extra mile you not only make your clients happy, but also make them want to continue to do business with the magazine.


Through working the events and in the office, I feel so lucky to be able to have this experience and grow so much from all I have learned.


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