Final Days at Skai Blue Media

As the end of the summer approaches and everyone is getting ready to start the fall semester, I can’t help but look back at the days I’ve spent at Skai Blue Media. Coming in to the office today, I sat down at my desk and before setting up my work space, I just sat there, staring into space and realizing that its almost over. The summer is ending, this internship has reached its final days and come December, will be the end of my finally semester at Temple. It only feel like it were yesterday, that I was a scrawny little freshman, lugging around an oversize  backpack full of books. Those first two year at Temple, I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to be or what major to decide on. Never thought I’d find myself in the world of advertising but I knew it was best for me and my abilities.

So currently, I am finishing up some designs for a client and his t-shirt brand. I really admire his drive and ambition for starting a clothing brand at such a young age. When we first met, he had a few ideas that I was skeptical about. Honestly, the design ideas he wanted me to create for him were a bit cheesy and corny in my opinion. But its all business and he’s the client so my personal thoughts about it shouldn’t come between this project. I, myself, want to have my own t-shirt brand but it’s hard to compete with the many current brands that reign supreme in the streetwear industry (stussy, the hundreds, supreme, undefeated and obey just to name a few).

I can picture myself working at an ad agency with a bunch of ad-minded people but I’ve always wanted to be my own boss so I see myself getting into the fashion industry, particularly targeting a young male audience between the ages of 16 to 30.  For now, designing t-shirts for a client seems like a good starting point…

The photos posted are what I created according to what the client wanted. Keep in mind that he is only a 15 year old kid in high school. I don’t know where he came up with these ideas but they are quite unique and kind of creative, if you ask me. There is a sense of political and civil awareness in some of the designs (i.e. Obama and MLK) I basically took an existing photo and manipulated each one in a funky, more  creative way. Each design will be used as a t-shirt graphic for the client’s clothing brand.

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