Final Meetings

Our final class was hard for me. It made me realize how much I was going to miss the kids and working on our campaign. We did a lot of work this semester, getting them and the campaign ready, but we did it. Our whole concept still impresses me. We turned Philabundance into an even bigger idea and were able to give it a new meaning. I think working with the non-profit was a good choice. Especially considering it was one that was aimed towards high school students to begin with. They took a lot of away from that last class, and so did I. At the final presentation I was so proud to see the kids lined up and ready to present. All of them had a full day at school prior to the presentation, but they still came fired up and ready to go. I think that moment was one of my favorites all semester, seeing them happy about something they had worked on. They definitely deserved that moment.

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