This fall I had the pleasure to intern with Renaissance Kitchen and Home as their Social Media Coordinator. As this was my second internship during the global pandemic, I was somewhat prepared going in. However, luckily this time around I got to be in an office setting as opposed to before being from home doing all my tasks virtually. Despite the rising cases, our office has been on top of staying extra clean, sanitizing often, and social distancing within the office and outside of work as well.

This experience has taught me that I have more skills than I thought. I have learned to use HubSpot to manage social media accounts, create emails, and schedule content to be posted in for later dates. Within the social media field, I am now more comfortable with being able to manage a small businesses account and have it grow.

Looking at some positives throughout this internship from working with Renaissance Kitchen and Home, I got to be apart of the process of seeing an idea become a small business and helped with the creative process of making a website, designing logos, and create the aesthetic of the brands social pages. I was uplifted when having my own ideas to contribute, as well as  critiqued constructively which helped me learn and grow.

As I still have some time left at Renaissance Kitchen and Home, I am eager to learn more. Fortunate to be in an office, I am learning more than I already did in my last internship since being together in person, having social interaction, and bouncing ideas off each other allows for a better overall experience and makes it more connective as opposed to a zoom call. During these few months, I grew my skills in social media from posting 6x a week, I have learned to use new tools, ideas, and put to new tests daily which pushed me to be better.