First Agency Experience

My intern work at a small public relations agency is not at all like doing work in an academic environment. In a way, it actually reminds me of working for myself. The main difference is that instead of my clients giving me a deadline, my boss does; well that and the fact that I don’t get paid for working there. I carry out my work in the same manner as when I’m doing freelance work. I’m not bothered by the pressure of the quick deadlines that the agency has from time to time since I always work myself fairly hard without deadlines. The most important part of this experience for me is learning how to work as part of a team in the business world. Before my internship the only experience I had working with a team was in mock teams in my ad classes. We’ve all experienced group work in class and we know what it usually is (people don’t care, forget, don’t know anything, don’t do anything, rush things last minute). Working like this in the real world is giving me much needed experience in how likeminded professionals get stuff done.

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