First Day

Yesterday was my first day at LevLane. It made me realize something. And that was my passion for creating, tinkering on ideas late into the night never wanting to stop. Sitting with blood shot eyes and mindless fingers putting it together as carefully as a surgeon. I was Dr. Frankenstein, I wanted to give life to something. Finally my life had a purpose to fulfill. I wanted to breath life into my ideas and watch them take their first steps. Eventually they would run, moving beyond my imagination into the public domain. It was a beautiful day

My first day at LevLane was everything I imagined. People walked around as if fast forwarded. It wasn’t because they were busy per se but because they wanted to get back to work. A feeling I can empathize with. I loved being around this free flow of ideas, or at least the run-off. Yesterday I dipped my toe in getting used to the flow. Today and the coming weeks I am looking for somewhere I can dive in head first.

My first assignment was to create a holiday card for Philadelphia Financial. An insurer who secures personal wealth. 1000 cards will be printed and distributed to their business partners and signed by senior members. The tone of the card was to be esteemed, hinting at sophisticated elegance. I’m still waiting for it to come to me.

My second assignment was to write an e-mail blast for the Street Department, from number two man Carlton Williams. This e-mail is meant to thank partners for their service to the city, highlighting last year’s successes and encourage partners to keep in touch with the Street Department. My first draft is promising.

My final assignment was to come up with an ad for Beneficial Bank’s student checking/savings program. The challenge is to incorporate Beneficial’s continuing support for La Salle basketball into a print ad without using the puns that immediately come to mind. Game on.

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