First Friday at AIGA Philly: Heads of State

This past First Friday AIGA Philly presented Heads of State “10 Years of Rectangles.” The space was small, and the crowd was large, but the exhibit was still one that I’m glad to have seen. Everything from R.E.M. album covers to Penguin Book illustrations adorned the walls. I even had the chance to virtually talk to the creatives behind The Heads of State via a few snarky tweets regarding Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

The exhibit runs now through September 30th, so check it out for yourself:

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  1. I too was surprised by the small space but not by the outcome of tons of people. The way the exhibit was organized was spectacular as a whole and even more amazing when you were able to look at each piece individually. I would also recommend everyone go check it out, especially if your looking for inspiration on how to find a personal “style” because the Heads of State do it perfectly!

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