First Photoshoot Experience


Hello fellow advertising bloggers!

I am an intern at our very own Fox School of Business / School of Tourism Hospitality. I am working in the PR department, helping with general creative production. I help with editing/designing posters, designing/editing e-blasts, editing down photos to be sent out, photo archiving, and I even helped on a photo shoot! Since I am an advertising, creative track major, I am finding this internship extremely helpful.

The photo shoot has been my favorite part of the internship experience thus far. It was very overwhelming at first when my supervisor Jodi asked me to be apart of the photo shoot. The day included walking around Alter Hall with the photographer, Jim Roese, Jodi (one of my mentors), and all the PhD students who needed portraits taken. Also we photographed the students together because we are creating a brochure from the photos taken.

Jim Roese was so helpful. He knew I had an interest in photography so he kindly took the time to teach me some tips and tricks in addition to taking everyone’s photo. My job was to hold lights up, give some input for how the shots should be set up, and have the students who were being photographed sign the release form.

The next week, Jodi called me into her office and asked if I could go through the photos Jim sent us and narrow them down to the better ones. It was really cool to go through the photographs and see how they turned out since I was on the set. Overall, having the privilege to be involved with this photo shoot from beginning to end was really awesome. I got to see how the whole process works, and there is still something to look forward too. Jodi said the hard cover brochure should be printed within the next month. Can’t wait to see the final product!

If I didn’t have this internship I don’t know when I would ever get the chance to work on a professional photo shoot. Therefore, I am beyond thankful for all the experiences I have been through so far.

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